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Market leader Research Chemistry UK is BACK as Chemical Planet

Chemical Planet - Research Chemicals

Currently the most progressive research chemical supply company, we are striving to become Number 1 In the research chemical field once again. Having been involved in the research chemical industry since 2010 as Research Chemistry UK we have researched and refined our suppliers and our chemicals. We have listened to huge amounts of customer feedback, and are now confident enough to guarantee that you will only ever receive the finest service and products available.


All our products are strictly for laboratory use only and are not approved for human consumption.

Here at Chemical Planet, we are constantly developing our own products in-house. Our team of researchers blend interesting and novel compounds through extensive testing and referencing and hours of late nights. Our ultimate aim is to bring to you, the discerning researcher, many hours of intriguing, satisfying and successful experimentation. And we’re back now with an EVEN BIGGER selection of chemicals for you to choose from.

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