1. New products & price reductions!

    Hi folks, 

    We have a lot to cover here..

    The 30% discount code is still active till the end of the month. That means you get 30% off EVERYTHING. And there is no limit to the size of your order. This is the last month we are running this promotion! Just use code IMBACK at the checkout. Offer ends Sep 30th!!

    Latest News...

    Recently there has been a price drop on two popular chems; 

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  2. New Chems in Stock - 2C-C & 2C-E

    2C-C and 2C-E are both now in stock and for a limited time only. We have about 50g in total of each so they will not last long. Equip your labs with these two rather rare chemicals and don't forget to use our special discount code IMBACK to get 30% off your order. Offer ends June 30th!

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