New Products

2 New Products have been launched this week. 

New Tryptamine5-MeO-DMT - This is the same stuff that is secreted in the venom of the Bufo Alvarius toad. It is 4-6 times more powerful than DMT and is commonly referred to as 'The God Molecule'. Any researcher worth their salt needs to stock this ultimate chem in their lab!

New Cannabinoid5C-AKB48 - Another good synthetic cannabinoid. Supposedly a bit milder by comparison to chems like CHMICA & FUBINACA types. 

Launch Discount Code? Sure thing..

To promote these new products we have put a 20% discount on them so you can try them for a little less. Just use the code TRYME @ checkout. Offer ends on 30th November 2018

Coming Soon...
Bromazolam Powder & 4-ACO-DMT Pellets. We will let you know as soon as these new products are in stock (less than a couple of weeks away!)

Keep your eyes peeled for more new products coming out soon!