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What Is L-Theanine? L-Theanine or otherwise known as L-Y-Glutamylethylamide was first identified by Japanese scientists in 1949, it is a non-dietary amino acid that is most common...More

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What Is L-Theanine?

L-Theanine or otherwise known as L-Y-Glutamylethylamide was first identified by Japanese scientists in 1949, it is a non-dietary amino acid that is most commonly found in tea leaves and various mushrooms. In structure, L-theanine is closely related to the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate and is able to bind to glutamate receptors. L-Theanine is great for helping deal with stress and anxiety, it is a moderate anxiolytic, so it can help enhance the chemicals in your brain that promote feelings of calm. It not only does that but also reduces the levels of excitatory chemicals linked to stress and anxiety.

There are 3 neurotransmitters that are crucial for alertness and attention, these are dopamine, serotonin, and GABA. What you can expect from L-Theanine is that it will boost the levels in all three of these transmitters which will then help improve attention span, everyday anxiety, ability to get into the flow of tasks and problems ahead of you.

Benefits of L-Theanine

There are lots of great benefits to L-Theanine here area a few things you will be able to expect from using this fantastic nootropic.

Better mental Focus

Those days when your mind seems a bit foggy, and you can’t seem to get yourself fired up in the morning, try supplementing with L-theanine. L-theanine is a moderate anxiolytic, it promotes feelings of calm in the brain which will reduce the levels of excitatory chemicals, these chemicals can be what causes stress and anxiety. By supplementing with this nootropic it will give you that great feeling of attentive wakefulness that you need for optimal performance.

Improved Sleep

While L-theanine gives you that improved mental focus it also helps your body use that energy in the day, as your body is being delivered the relaxation boost it delivers by reducing the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate, L-Theanine helps you fall asleep far easier and quicker at bedtime. Research also shows that L-theanine supplementation can improve the quality of your sleep so you feel up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Reduced Blood Pressure

L-Theanine in research has been shown to, with great success, reduce blood pressure. It has fantastic relaxing and properties that contribute to the reduction in blood pressure.

Chemical Properties Of L-Theanine

The chemical makeup of L-Theanine means that it has a lot of positive impacts on the body it helps improve sleep, memory, anxiety, and many other things. Reasons for this lie in the properties of this chemical, specifically it binds to ionotropic glutamate receptors in the micromolar range, including the AMPA and kainate receptors. L-Theanine is a derivative of glutamine that is ethylated on the amide nitrogen, or the amide formed from ethylamine and L-glutamic acid at its y-(5-) side chain carboxylic acid group.

IUPAC: (2S)-2-Ammonio-5-(ethylamino)-5-oxopentanoate[2]

CAS No: 3081-64-6

Molecular Formula: C7H14N2O3

Molar Mass: 174.200g.mol-1


L-Theanine has had lots of studies done on it and there are a few potential side effects when used in large doses – usually, these are headaches, nausea, and irritability. These side effects can be caused by different things, the nausea is usually linked to drinking too much green tea rather than a dietary supplement. We still recommend being cautious whilst preparing any doses of L-Theanine, like using gloves whilst handling.

Where to buy L-Theanine?

Here at Chemical Planet, you can always purchase the best quality chemicals. This L-Theanine is no exception to that. This L-Theanine comes in powder form at the moment but we may look into producing it in other forms, you can contact our customer service to find out updates about that. We are always open to feedback as well so if we don't have something you are after please let us know. When buying research chemicals or Nootropics online you can be sure to be getting the very best here at Chemical Planet. However, If you would like to buy L-Theanine from Chemical Planet, then you must be at least 18 years of age.

Please be aware that L-Theanine is legal in the majority of the world, but laws can change so it is always worth checking the laws in your country before ordering.

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