Maandelijkse Archieven: Juli 2020

  1. Beat the Ban

    Beat the Ban

    You might have heard that the Dutch government wants to change the Opium Law. If this goes through, we will not be able to provide you with many of our beloved products. That is why Chemical Planet EU actively joined the vendors association BVND. We are going to fight to beat the ban.

    The proposed ban

    With the proposed amendment to the Opium Act, research chemicals and other legal substances will be brought within the scope of the Opium Act. This will be done as a precaution through a substance group prohibition, without it being clear which substances are covered. Also, without it being proved whether these substances are harmful to health or the society.

    The BVND believes that the substance group prohibition proposed by the government does not fit within the system and objectives of the Opium Act. The proposal does not contribute in any way to protecting public health.

    The substance group ban will ban hundreds of substances that have no psychoactive effect, are not harmful to health or even have a beneficial effect. This includes medicines, nutritional supplements and nutritional components.

    The alternative

    The BVND likes to consult with the government about an alternative to the substance groups ban. An alternative that does justice to the principles of the government and the legal objectives. The main reason why a substance groups ban does not work, is that a it does not remove the demand for these substances. A ban is not effective in preventing the use or misuse of substances, but it is expensive for society and harmful to users. Persistent demand creates an illegal market and reinforces organized crime, causing many problems.

    The BVND believes that regulating new psychoactive substances is better than banning them. In this way, requirements can be imposed on the production process, the origin, the composition

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  2. New Research Chemical Releases

    New Research Chemical Releases

    We are halfway through the year and 2020 is a year neither of us will forget. The most trending word of the year is corona. Due to the coronavirus we all cancelled our summer plans. That means we have plenty of time for new research experiments. For that reason, we added 4 new products to!


    Do you know what the next big chemical is? Mephedrene! The new research chemical Mephedrene (5-MMPA) is a legal analogue of Methiopropamine (MPA). However, researchers claim that the effects can be very similar to 4-FA and Mephedrone (4-MMC). Researchers have been looking for a replacement for 4-FA and Mephedrone (4-MMC) for quite some time. These very well-known compounds are no longer available, but Mephedrene will fill up the gap it left behind.

    It is time to get your lab parties ready for some rocket fuel!


    This brand-new chemical is also known as Alpha-PHIP. It is a synthetic stimulant that falls in the cathinone and pyrrolidine classes of chemicals. These classes also include compounds like MDPV, hexen and a-PHP.

    A-PHiP is chemically related to prolintane and acts as a norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor (NDRI). This might sound complicated, but a short explanation will help you out. NDRIs are antidepressants that block the action of specific transporter proteins. Besides that, they increase the amount of active norepinephrine

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