Sign the petition to fight the ban

The ban on many research chemicals in the Netherlands might be a reality soon. We at don’t think a ban is the solution. Therefore, we signed this petition to fight the ban. You can do the same. Don’t sign because we encourage you to sign, sign because you agree to the 11 reasons stated on the ‘Start Beter Drugsbeleid’ website:

Prohibition does not work

Drug policy has become increasingly tougher and more repressive in recent decades. What has this approach yielded? Drugs are widely available and drugs are cheaper than ever. Whether you are for or against, this policy does not work. Start Beter Drugsbeleid calls for a realistic, open dialogue.

Drug control is expensive

The fight against drugs costs at least half the capacity of the police and the judiciary and three quarters of the large criminal investigations are focused on it. Even with a conservative estimate, the cost is 4.5 billion euros per year, not including the cost of crime to society. It is better to put that money into information and assistance for the individual who is not under control.

Regulation makes money

Legalization not only saves enforcement costs, it also generates income. Drugs can be taxed: estimates range from EUR 260 million to EUR 1.600 million. Part of this goes to quality control and education, the rest to schools, hospitals, cultural institutions… you name it!

Medical innovation is being held back

The current drug policy is holding back medical innovation. Psychoactive substances are increasingly used as part of therapy, with success. A drug prohibition would stop this. At the same time, a ban does not help to prevent the production of undesirable substances. The number of new substances is inexhaustible, so there is always a loophole to be found. RIVM warn

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