NOS Cream Dispensers

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What is a NOS Cream Dispensers? A NOS Cream Dispenser is an accessory you need to dispense Whipped Cream chargers into a container. The device is a metal tube that opens at t...More

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What is a NOS Cream Dispensers?

A NOS Cream Dispenser is an accessory you need to dispense Whipped Cream chargers into a container. The device is a metal tube that opens at the top, you can place an N2O cartridge into it. Once the cartridge is in you then twist it and the gas will be dispensed into the NOS Cream Dispensers you can then empty this bu pulling the lever. This model is an easy to use design, the outside of it is strong aluminium so that whilst dispensing your hands do not get too cold or cause freeze burns when emptying a whipped cream charger.

The containers are made of high strength aluminium and a rubber outer layer this combination means makes it a long-lasting durable NOS Cream Dispenser.


Whipped cream cartridges are intended for use in a whipped cream appliance. The N2O is sold for experiments and for use in Whipped cream dispensers only and does not guarantee your safety. It is therefore used entirely at your own risk.

Where to buy NOS Cream Dispenser?

Here at Chemical Planet, you can always purchase the best quality chemicals and products for your research. These NOS Cream Dispenser are no exception to that, We are always open to feedback as well so if we don't have something you are after please let us know. When buying laughing gas accessories online you can be sure to be getting the absolute best here at Chemical Planet. However, if you would like to buy Laughing gas and its accessories from Chemical Planet, then you must be at least 18 years of age. Our Laughing gas is not intended for internal animal or human use. It is only intended for research purposes.

You can order these NOS Cream Dispenser to anywhere in the world.

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