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Chemical Planet EU offers customers a variety of payment methods.

Credit/debit card payments – We can handle card payments from all countries both online and by telephone call, however we do not accept credit and debit cards for customers ordering from the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. There is no limit to how much you can spend however we reserve the right to place orders on hold and ask for further identification when our fraud screening tools recommends us to do so. Your full cooperation is appreciated in these circumstances. Note: We currently do not have a card payment system in place. We are working on finding a solution to this asap.

For some countries there is also a limit For transactions that are taken by card, and any orders exceeding this limit will need to be topped up by an alternative payment – these include Bitcoin, Western Union, bank transfer and Moneygram (this method will be available in the future). The maximum amount you can spend using your card is €200.

SECURITY INFORMATION: debit or credit card payments with us are both safe and secure at all times – our gateway benefits from 256-bit encrypted SSL. Alongside the common banking regulatory guidelines for processing debit and credit card payments for fraud prevention, third-party security solutions are also implemented – these are 3-D Secure, Verified by Visa and Safepay for Mastercard.

Important: Chemical Planet transactions are expressed as ‘Diff Plan’ on your credit/debit card statements and as 'Different Planet' on your bank statements if you have paid by bank transfer.

Bank Transfer (Dutch payments) – For this method, all bank details are on display when you complete your order – these details are vital for any online or telephone banking service, and your order reference number MUST APPEAR in the bank transfer reference field as this will minimise any delays when we handle your order. Please ONLY use the ORDER NUMBER for your reference.

Bank Transfer (international) – International customers can pay by transferring the full payment to our own bank account – you can find our IBAN number on the checkout page. If you are worried about the fees for this, we can recommend as they come recommended by many of our global clients. Apart from the savings on fees, they also operate with an appealing exchange rate, and their completion time is an industry-leading 24-48 hours. Opening an account is straightforward at Again, please ONLY use your ORDER NUMBER as the reference when making the transfer. Using anything else as the reference will only cause in delays.

Bitcoin – Bitcoin is probably the best way to pay for an order quickly, securely, and fee free. Bitcoin transactions are fast becoming the preferred method of payment on the internet and if remaining anonymous is important to you i.e. you do not wish to leave a paper trail with your banks then bitcoin payment is absolutely the best way to go. If you are new to bitcoin then please read our information page located here which details exactly what you need to from start to finish to get yourself set up using bitcoin. We promise you once you start using it to make payments online you will not regret it and will never look back We are now also acccepting payments in altcoins such Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Doge, Lite, etc etc 

Western Union – This is a great way to pay for your research chemicals. In any global location, it should be relatively easy to locate a Western Union agent or office, and the funds are ready for us within just a few minutes from the majority of worldwide areas – this is always subject to any necessary checks being made. Western Union can also handle transactions through their website, but please bear in mind that we visit our home agency twice per week (usually Tuesdays and Thursdays) to receive any outstanding payments. Our Western Union details will be displayed when you check out.

Moneygram – We are still in dialogue with Moneygram about offering payments through their service, and we hope to update our clients about this in the near future.

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