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What do SARMs stand for?

SARMs stand for selective androgen receptor modulators.

How do SARMs work?

All anabolic compounds work by binding to androgen receptors (ARs) in cells causing anabolism, which leads to tissue growth. SAMRs work by targeting specific androgen receptors, notably those in the muscle and skeletal tissues, which allow them to deliver similar results as traditional anabolic steroids but with significantly less side effects.


When people take SARMs they are hoping to achieve two basic goals, increased muscle mass/strength and enhanced athletic performance. However, SARMs are not solely for increased athletic performance and they are currently being researched as a treatment to degenerative diseases such as muscle wasting and osteoporosis. In fact, many of the most popular SARMs were initially developed for these purposes.

Certain SARMs have additional benefits, such as: anxiety relief, wakefulness and increased fat loss activation[3]. Although SARMs are often linked to use with professional sports athletes and bodybuilders, they are becoming used for a wider array of applications[4].


6. Andarine (S-4)
S4 Andarine is considered the very first SARM adopted by athletes and bodybuilders as an effective anabolic steroid alternative. Throughout the years it has been used by thousands of people, although its popularity began to wane when Ostarine was released.
Still, many people have success with S4 and many continue to use it to this day.


SARMS Tolerance

Most individuals participate in an eight to 12 week cycle, followed by several weeks off [13]. Androgen receptors do have a tolerance threshold, and by taking them continuously, not only will their effects diminish, but so will the body’s ability to produce its own testosterone.


SARMs are legal to purchase. However, it is illegal to be used in professional sports.

Where To Buy?

At Chemical Planet, we offer high quality, laboratory-grade SARMs. Chemical Planet is the premier option for those looking to buy research chemicals. Please note, you must be at least 18 years of age or older to buy SARMs from Chemical Planet. All research chemicals sold are for use in laboratory-based research and experimentation and not for human consumption.

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