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Terms & Conditions

It is VITAL that you read these Terms and Conditions in full – they outline Chemical Planet EU’s (referred to as ChemPlan from this point onwards) obligations to you regarding your custom on this website. By using after reading this document, it is assumed that you accept the contents without exception. ChemPlan reserves the right to alter these Terms and Conditions at any time and without any prior notice – therefore you are expected to check back here every time that you visit the online store. This entire document applies to any purchase or interaction carried out through

If you are under the age of 18, you are legally required to leave this site immediately.

It is illegal to purchase any of the products at if you are under the age of 18. By placing an order with ChemPlan, you legally admit that you are aged 18 or over on the date of purchase, and you also confirm that you are not ordering on behalf of someone who is under the age of 18. Purchasing ChemPlan’s products in order to supply them to someone under this age limit is a criminal offence.

All products at are sold for legal research purposes only – they are not for human consumption or any form of ‘in vivo’ experimentation.

All chemical compounds are supplied strictly for legal laboratory research use only, and they are permitted for use as GC/MS reference samples – it is also acceptable to purchase them for test tube in-vitro research into monoamine neurotransmitter activity within suitable cellular mediums. By ordering from ChemPlan, you are confirming that you are a student of chemistry, a scientific researcher or a legitimate research institution, and also that you are equipped with all of the necessary safety equipment and full knowledge of the appropriate safety procedures. In addition to this, you also agree that you will undertake a proper risk assessment of the way in which you intend to utilise the compounds that you have ordered, and also that you will obtain all of the necessary safety information prior to ordering. You also agree that by implementing strict procedures in both the handling and usage of the compounds that you have ordered, in your facility or organisation you will not proceed with or allow any actions to be taken that could lead to damage or increased risk of harm of any kind to any property or any persons. You therefore also agree that by ordering, you acknowledge that ChemPlan will not be held liable for any harm caused as the result of the improper use of any of the products sold on the website. As the buyer, it is your responsibility to check that the products that you are ordering are legal to buy, import or possess in your country or region. It is also your responsibility to check that it is legal for you to use the products that you order for your intended purpose. ChemPlan therefore accepts no responsibility for any orders, or action taken in relation to the purchase or importation thereof. ChemPlan reserves the right to refuse to sell research chemicals to anyone suspected of illegally misusing these products in any way. If ChemPlan receives any indication that its products are being misused, the suspected user will be banned from accessing the site and communicating with ChemPlan in any manner – ChemPlan will also block any further orders.

ChemPlan warrants that its products shall conform to the description of said items as laid out in the website’s catalogue. ChemPlan makes no warranty of the re-saleability or fitness for any particular purpose of any of its products.

Any products proved to ChemPlan’s satisfaction to be either defective or non-conforming to the product description as laid out in the catalogue shall be replaced without charge or refunded at its sole discretion. Such circumstances will be reliant upon the return of such products in accordance with ChemPlan’s instructions. Notification of this type of complaint must be received from the buyer within 5 days of the products being received by them, or else those products shall be deemed to have been accepted.

ChemPlan accepts no responsibility for packages once they enter the postal system. Once it reaches this stage it is out of our control. However, if a package does go missing then we will re-ship the order provided you selected one of our tracked delivery services provided by DHL. If these types of orders go missing, ChemPlan will replace and re-send the applicable goods free of charge upon confirmation from DHL that the package can be classified as ‘Lost’, ‘Missing’ or similar. If you select the ‘International Standard’ shipping option then we will not re-ship your order if it goes missing therefore we highly recommend you choose a tracked shipping option for high value orders, especially if you live outside the EU. Any orders seized by customs WILL NOT be replaced – it is the sole responsibility of the buyer to make sure that they have the lawful authority and/or necessary licences that may be required to import and possess any of the products that they purchase from ChemPlan. It is therefore also the buyer’s responsibility to deal with any customs agents in the event that a package is seized.

If you order something from ChemPlan that is illegal in your country at the time of placing the order, and ChemPlan are unaware of this and post the item, it is assumed that you have the equivalent of a Home Office licence that allows you to import and possess said chemical/s in your country of residence or any other country to which you direct the order. If we suspect that you do not hold a Home Office licence equivalent, we reserve the right to cancel the order before it is posted and issue an immediate refund.

Orders seized by customs will not be replaced however they are sent - it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they have the lawful authority and obtain any licenses that may be required to import and possess the products they are purchasing into their country, and to deal with their customs agents if an improper seizure is performed.

It is strictly prohibited under the terms of this agreement to re-export any chemicals purchased from the company to the UK.


The intellectual property rights and the copyright of all material on this website are the sole property of ChemPlan and our licensors, and as such no content can be reproduced without our prior consent.

Material from this website can be printed and/or downloaded by you, provided that it is for your own purposes and you do not modify any of the content without our consent. Material on this website must not be re-published or reproduced online or offline without our prior written permission – any breach of this rule will be dealt with legally in the strongest possible manner.

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